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Private Healing Sessions with Kathryn 

The healing process flows much like a river...

Dis-ease may at first apppear to be on the surface or in the body. As the healing journey unfolds, deeper levels can be reached.

At each level of healing a release occurs

which opens the gate to the next level of discovery and...


Energy Clearing, Energy Balancing, Energy Transmission and Shamanic Reading

Sessions are available for Hands-On Energy-Transmission and Readings at Kathryn's Healing Spaces. Distance Energy-Transmissions and readings are available via phone or skype. Home visits are an option, but must be scheduled

and priced individually.

The various elements of this healing process include Energy Clearing; Energy Balancing; Energy Transmission and Shamanic Reading. These elements are not separate from each other, but are interwoven into the tapestry of the experience.


Each experience is guided by your state of being,

and through communication with higher guidance.


          The dialog between client and practitioner can be one of spoken words in a conversation. Intuitive perception both on the part of the client and practitioner; and as... Information read by the practitioner, in the body and energy fields of the client during the interraction.

We first establish the ground from which your healing process will begin

Your responsibility is to make the commitment to do your part. This is simply to align your intention with the process at hand.


There is a constant flow and flux to this process within which a clearing may become necessary at any point during the session.

Shamanic reading also takes place throughout the session and will guide the practitioner's course of action.

For example:

Choosing which techniques may be needed, and...

Determining which aspects of the client's energy field are holding stagnant energy, or are depleated and need to be nourished.

Shamanic Reading also helps to reveal from which part of the quantum any given issue may have arisen.

For example:

Childhood, Ancestral or Past Life issues, etc.

It also helps to reveal the particular field from which an issue arises.

Is it the mind/body, or Integration of Spirit/Soul that has been afflicted.

It is usually a combination of all these things within the unique configuration of each individual.


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Private Sessions: Options and Pricing

Energy Tune-Up & Focus Session

Progressive Sessions/Packages

In-Depth Sessions/Packags

12 Month Subscriptions

Powerful energy bath that tunes up the whole system or brings focus to specific issues: Mind/Body/Spirit

Maintains the flow of progress and deepens the transformative process in one's healing journey with Clearing & Energy Transmission

Innitial In-take & Evaluation

or Intensive Healing Session: Mapping, Clearing, Energy Transmission & Shamanic Readings

Smaller Monthly Exchange. Schedule sessions as needed, throughout the year of service. Includes various combinations as described below.

Click down this row for Energy Tune-ups /Focus Session and Packs

Click down this row for single Progressive Session/packs

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ONE 20 Min Energy Tune-up        ✚

($50 exchange)                                 

ONE Progressive Session             ✚

(60 MIN - $100 exchange)                 

ONE In-Depth Session                    =

PACK (120 MIN - $200 exchange)   

$25 per month subscription

or $300 exchange

SAVE $50

ONE 40 Min Focus Session         ✚

($75 exchange)                                 

THREE Progressive Sessions       ✚

PACK ($275 exchange)                     

TWO In-Depth Sessions                  =

PACK ($375 exchange)                     

$50 per month subscription

or $600 exchange

SAVE $125

ONE 60 Min Focus Session         ✚

($100 exchange)                               

FIVE Progressive Sessions           ✚

PACK ($450 exchange)                     

THREE In-Depth Sessions              =

PACK ($550 exchange)                   

$75 per month subscription

or $900 exchange

SAVE $200

THREE 20 Min Energy Tune-ups ✚

ONE 60 Min Focus Session             

PACK ($200 exchange)                   


SIX Progressive Sessions             ✚

PACK ($550 exchange)                     

FOUR In-Depth Sessions                =

PACK ($750 exchange)                     

$100 per month subscription

or $1,200 exchange

SAVE $300

THREE 20 Min Energy Tune-Ups ✚

THREE 40 Min Focus Sessions       

PACK ($325 exchange)                   

NINE Progressive Sessions          ✚

PACK ($850 exchange)                     

SIX In-Depth Sessions                    =

PACK ($1,150 exchange)                 


$150 per month subscription

or $1,800 exchange

SAVE $525


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