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Kathryn draws from a vast array of energy practices, cultural insights and personal gnosis for the practices and healing technologies that she uses in private sessions, and teaches at the KUN LI SHENG™ School of Applied Healing Arts.

The role of a Spiritual Doula and Energy Healer is to help you uncover that which is already within you... to support the birth of your truth and your return to the fullness and joy of being.

Your journey is individual...

one of a kind, your very own!

The healing process is like a Vision Quest, allowing you to traverse the message of transformation hidden within the challenges of your life.

Kathryn Davis is host of Heart Of Mind-Earth@Midnight heard over WBAI/Pacifica 99.5 FM in New York, wbai.org and Heart Of Mind, Radio for the New Millennium heard over the Progressive Radio Network. PRN.FM, and is co-host of Health Action, also heard over WBAI Radio.

She is a lecturer, Artist, Author, and founder of the KUN LI SHENG™ Quantum Healing System, which includes a Qigong Form and Healing Technologies, is the Managing Director of the School of Applied Healing Arts, and Shaman Priestess of the KUN LI SHENG™ Temple of Understanding.

Kathryn lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, USA

Heart of Mind Radio

– 01.06.17 - Link to Archive Page

On today’s Heart Of Mind Radio, host Kathryn Davis speaks with Aracely Brown of the New York Open Center, to share insights on how to integrate energy and mindfulness in order to create joy and heal the body. This despite what may be a stressful worldly existence.

Aracely interviews Kathryn about the upcoming course in Soaring Crane Qigong at the Open Center and gives an update on the many opportunities to grow and learn through the myriad of programs offered through the center.

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Alter at the Brooklyn Healing Space

Kathryn Annette Davis is a facilitator of Meditation and Relaxation Techniques; a Master Teacher of Qigong Form; an Energy-Vibrational Healer, a Mystic and Spiritual Doula.